Month: July 2010

Busty Penelope Back for Some Anal Action

Busty Penelope Piper is back for another hot session at Big Naturals, her big boobs looking great as always and she is ready to break some new ground. This entire scene is poolside, with Penelope looking great in her bathing suit with her tits just dominating that poor little piece of cloth! The action is hot poolside, with some margaritas, some sun, some fun, and a huge cock! Penelope is all over it like a starving girl, and the fucking starts. Damn, this girl is hot as hell this time out, her big tits bouncing. Well, time to try the new stuff and soon that big cock is up her ass and she is cumming hard, her tits flying as she gets her pooper pounded! Intense and sexy hardcore action outdoors!

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Alia and Alene Double Ebony Hangers

Allia Star and Alene came by for some fun with huge tits in the sun. They were both looking very hot in those tight dresses that showcased their enormous tits. They were playing pool as I stared at their luscious fun bags. Jmac joined the party and soon after they were outside with oil all over their delectable bare bodies. They shook those colossal cans all over as Jmac oiled them all up. They took turns getting fucked as their juicy jugs bounced around. They got butter milk all over those big tits. Score another hot scene from Reality Kings Videos!

Busty Selena Castro Red Hot Fucking

Busty wild woman Selena Castro is back for a fresh set at Big Naturals, and this busty babe is looking hotter than ever! check out the story:

Selina wanted to show me a great lingerie she had picked out for some lucky schmoe out there. It seems she was really trying to impress that dork but me and my buddy had a better idea. She wanted to show it to me because she knew she could trust me to be honest and also respect her and jump all over her bones. When she came out she was kind of embarrassed my pal was with me but she remembered him from a while back. My friend was all fired up and started slobbering all over her super sized sweater puppets. Selina obviously found him cuter than that other dude she was trying to impress so she went ahead and rocked his cock off with some tremendous tit fucking. That dude will never get to see that sexy lingerie after my boy soiled it with his man goo.

Fucking the other guy, I am impressed by her sexy red outfit!

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