Month: November 2015

Pierced Nipple Hotty Cyrstal Rae Hot Fuck

cyrstal rae

Big Naturals scores big again, this time with a hotty called Cyrstal Rae. Amazing tits, pierced nipples, an innocent face – and she’s a blazing hot fuck! Check out how this one went down:

Cyrstal wanted to do a new photo shoot so she could have some new stills to shop around and hopefully get more modeling work. I told her to come by and I would squeeze her into an already hectic schedule. She showed up wearing a tight black dress and her D cup boobs were bulging out of it. Her perfectly plump booty was stretching that fabric to breaking point too. She wondered if the outfit she picked out was good enough for the shoot and I just had to level with her and tell her she would look way better in bra and panties. I mean, how else was I going to get her to strip down to her skivvies? The photo shoot turned out great but my buddy Alex was the real winner. I got her to play with herself and she turned herself on. I knew if I could get her all hot and bothered that she was the kind of girl to go after exactly what she wanted.

Don’t miss out, this girl is way hot and her big tits and pierced nipples fucking awesome!

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