Month: February 2011

Naturally Busty Kimberly Loves to Fuck

From the very first picture I saw of Kimberly, I knew that the guys from had once again scored bigtime. Damn, this girl is cute! Kimberly is a sexy girl with a natural pair of D to DD cup boobs, and a great overall look. I think she may be latina, I am not sure. But I do know that she is pretty, she is hot, she is horny, and she loves to fuck! This scene is just a nice to fuck scene, starting outside with some nice teasing, some titty play, a nice blowjob and some seriously enjoyable looking tit fucking. Then the action slides indoors and his cock slides into her juicy pussy. This girl loves to fuck, her titties bounce and she is all into it. She ends up in a pile driver position, upside down getting fuck hard and loving it. As you can imagine, she ends up with a nice load of cum on her tits, I would love to add a load there too, wouldn’t you?

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Curvy Bubbles Has Great Eyes and Big Tits

Bubbles is one of those girls with sneaky big tits. They don’t look that huge until you get your hands on them, and then you realize that she is in fact packing D cups or bigger and they are heavy and happy titties. What attracts me to her the most actually is her eyes and her smile, and she is also a pretty hot fuck and she loves to try almost anything. She does a pretty good tit fuck as you can see, and sucks cock with passion. She is into it! Dude fucks her in all sorts of directions, she loves that cock pounding her. She ends up with cum all over her titties and face, and she smiles the whole way. This girl is a keeper!

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