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Busty Kali West Wet Shower Fucking

Busty hotty Kali West is back after a long absence from Big Naturals with a fresh new set that sees her not only getting her big titties out, but also getting hot fucking in the shower. Damn, this girl has big tits! She looks great when she gets in the shower in a white t-shirt… as soon as it gets wet, those major ass nipples are poking through and looking amazing. The stunt cock can’t resist, and he is in there going for it. It isn’t just the shower getting things wet, Kali’s needy pussy is soaking and the fucking starts hard and deep. He plows her like a farmer’s field, really giving it to her in all sorts of positions, her huge tits flying around and making me crazy trying to follow those nipples. The finish is a solid combination of titty fucking, wanking, and sucking that leaves this busty girl coated in cum from her mouth to her mounds!

Busty Pillow Fight Fucking

Kali and her friend were all dressed up in some sexy lingerie wondering what to do. Ramon gets a call to cum over. He walks into a great surprise. Two big sets of tits were all ready to bounce around. The girls started a pillow fight because on wanted to suck the cock first and did not want to share. After that they settled down for some seriously hard fucking and the only pillow Ramon dropped his load on was those nice flesh pillows!

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Busty Party Planner Gets Fucked

Big titty party planner, Kali was hired by TJ to plot some dynamic decorations around the back yard. It was supposed to be strictly business, but upon further inspection, TJ noticed Kalis huge melons were making eye contact with him. He tried to shrug it off, but his penis became enraged and demanded answers from the titties in question. TJ and his cock confronted Kalis offensive twins and exposed them for the confrontational milk jugs they were. Now, discipline was to be traded for party planning favors. It was the only way. Kali swallowed the angry dick and caressed him between those funbags of hers. To no avail, however… It was useless, as TJ and his mad cock and balls went for low blow after low blow, in position after position. Can you believe after prostrating herself and letting him have his way with her enormous, natural tits, his enraged cock had the balls to spit on them?

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