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Death By Big Tits

If this guy is going to die, at least he is going happy! Sierra and Violet are on the case, giving this guy big tits and boobs to mouth resuscitation to make him feel better! Check out this wild story:

I must be the luckiest dude man.Im bored as hell and my girl is working and im playing video games for goodness sake. Out of the blue her two friends decide to show up.And let me tell you it was two pairs of the biggest tits in recent memory.So they come and thier amped about some dance game.So i think shit big tits and dancing only equals one thing to me!So Dance Dance and watch those titties bounce!From then on they start getting hot and freaky.And it was easy sailings from there

Can you imagine these two playing DDR? Holy fuck! Check out the full video here!

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